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Big game, including deer, may only be hunted with a firearm (this includes bows). When hunting deer you may use or carry only a firearm of the type permitted for hunting deer during an archery only season, you may use or carry only archery equipment. You may not carry a rifle or shotgun for hunting other game species. However, when hunting deer during a rifle/shotgun season you may also carry a rifle or shotgun for small game (in addition to your firearm that meets the specifications to hunt deer) because it is the same type of firearms.

The following cannot be used for hunting deer:
  • A rim-fire rifle
  • A shotgun smaller than 20 gauge when loaded with shot
  • A shotgun loaded with shot smaller than SG or No.1 buck.
Note: It is illegal to hunt deer while they are swimming.

Contact the Canadian Firearms Centre at 1-800-731-4000 or for more information about the requirements for firearms ownership, and firearm licensing.

Hunter Orange

The object of the hunter orange regulation is to maximize hunter safety without negatively impacting hunting success. Under this regulation, ALL LICENSED HUNTERS, INCLUDING ARCHERY HUNTERS hunting during the gun season for deer and moose, are required to wear hunter orange.
As well, ALL BLACK BEAR HUNTERS hunting during black bear season are required to wear hunter orange except when in a tree stand. (this exception is in place because, unlike deer and moose, black bear have colour vision.)


For further information on the hunting regulations in Ontario visit the we site at


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